The Copper River Valley of Alaska has seen humans come and go   Copper River Country has seen
humans come and go
The Ahtna people (a branch of the Athabascan group) have lived in Alaska's Copper River Valley for thousands of years, hunting, fishing, and making use of its copper resources for implements and for trading. Their language has left its mark in the names of many of the rivers and landmarks of this part of Alaska. Caucasians came much more recently, seeking furs, mineral wealth, fish and game, agricultural lands, recreation, and natural beauty.
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To understand the role and influence of humans in Alaska's Copper River country, you will want to become acquainted with people, places, and activities such as these:
• Chief Nicolai
• Lt. Henry Allen
• Native Village of Taral
• Batzulnetas Village
• Native Village of Kluti-Kaah
• Copper River subsistence fishing
x (fish wheels and dip netting)
• Gold Rush of 1898
• Kennecott copper mine
• McCarthy
• Copper River and Northwestern Railway
• Carl Witham
• Nabesna gold mine
• Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline
• Pump Station 12
• Homesteads in Kenny Lake


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